Ray Spencer

Ray Spencer, Liquid Genius

Beer Specialist and Liquid Stylist for film and commercials

Beer stylist, drink stylist, liquid stylist, beer specialist, liquid specialist, these are all titles attributed to the work I do.

As an ex set designer and commercials prop master, I have now been beer and drink styling for many years working with hundreds of major directors and photographers, world leading brands and many celebrities and sports stars all over the world including "James Bond"!

Whether your drink is a glass of water, a soft drink, a hot drink, a beer, a Guinness, a glass of wine, spirits or any other type of drink in a glass or bottle, I can style the liquid either in motion, high speed motion or static pack shot and of course stills shoots.

I am the only full time drink stylist, beer specialist permanently resident in the UK and have vast experience in the making of commercials having worked on over two thousand.

To view my STILLS GALLERY and further commercials check out my Vimeo page.

Ray Spencer
Liquid Stylist
Mob. 07860441022
Diary service: Bookends +44(0)1727812427
Email. rayliquidgenius@gmail.com